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Advice on Las Vegas Wedding Planning Tips

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Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Pack An Emergency Kit

On your wedding day, if you don't have a wedding planner make sure your maid of honor has packed a small tote with a few essential wedding day emergency kit items. Some of the items you can include are clear nail polish, Tums and aspirin, nail file, tweezers, small bandaids, stockings (if being worn by bride and wedding party), Shout wipes, $20 in small bills, cell phone and charger, breath mints, hairpins, bobby pins, safety pins, white chalk, Visine, contact lens solution and case, deodorant (clear), hand lotion, tissues, and scissors.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Who Pays For What?

Traditionally, the bride's family pays for the Las Vegas wedding location, music, photographer, videographer, florist, musicians, and any rentals. In addition, they are responsible for the entire reception cost as well, including the location, food, beverage, entertainment, wedding cakes and decorations. The bride or her family is also responsible for the bride's attire, the groom's ring, the wedding invitations, announcements, mailing costs, bridesmaids' bouquets, accommodations for out-of-town attendants and attendants' gifts. The groom and his family are primarily responsible for the bride's engagement and wedding rings, the rehearsal dinner party, accommodations for out-of-town attendants, the bride's bouquet, the mother's and grandmother's corsages, boutonnieres for attendants and fathers, attendants' gifts, the marriage license, blood tests, clergyman's fee and the honeymoon.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Get a Las Vegas Hotel Room

Ask your Las Vegas chapel wedding coordinator about blocking rooms for your guests at local hotels. Many conferences and conventions are held throughout the year and making last minute reservations can be disastrous. Another advantage of blocking several rooms in advance is that many hotels will offer reduced rates. Your wedding coordinator will have this information on hand or will retrieve it for you.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Rehearsal Dinner

After the wedding rehearsal, it's customary to treat the wedding party to dinner. This event is traditionally hosted by the groom's parents, who also pick up the tab. Las Vegas has a number of options to choose from. The best restaurants are located inside the hotels. Hotel restaurants will also be able to accommodate groups of any size. For more expensive restaurants stay on the strip. These locations will also provide you with exceptional atmospheres.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Don't Be Afraid To Ask

It's important to tell your vendors exactly how you want your Las Vegas wedding to work. Many couples will show up and tell their vendor that they are not sure what they want. When the wedding day comes up, they may not like what they see. Know what you want and be specific. Cut out pictures from bridal magazines to give your vendor something to work from. Don't be afraid of being a pest - this is your special day and planning a destination wedding can be very stressful.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Get Good Service

There are three important steps you can take, to increase the chances of good service for your Las Vegas wedding. First, be cautious in who you select, from the baker, to the florist, to the DJ or band. Also, ask to see or taste samples of their work, at an actual reception, if possible. Secondly, be sure to get a detailed contract, and look it over carefully. Make sure every charge is accounted for, and any extra services you want are guaranteed in writing. Ask if gratuities are automatically included, and if there are any special city taxes. Lastly, you can help the service provider do their best job by being organized yourself. Give them plenty of advance notice, and clear, written instructions.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Gifts for The Bridal Party

Being in a wedding is a big responsibility, especially for the maid of honor and best man, who have a number of outside duties as well. This is no less true with a small wedding in Las Vegas or a big splashy event. If you are travelling and your friends have flown to your wedding, you shoul show your appreciation with a special gift. It doesn't have to be expensive, nor do all women's or all men's gifts need to be exactly the same. Some good choices for men include a brandy snifter, fountain pen, leather gloves, cuff links, a wallet, an ice bucket, or anything that might be worn in the wedding. The ladies might enjoy a fancy perfume atomizer, personalized stationery, a picture frame, jewelry, or items to wear during the ceremony, such as gloves, headpieces or pearls.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Second Marriages

There are a number of alternatives and choices for a second wedding. Your decisions may be determined by you and your fiancé's age, whether children are involved, and if this is a second marriage for both of you, or just one of you. One of the first things you should do when planning a second wedding is meet with your clergyman or the official that you would like to perform the ceremony. Find out all regulations or restrictions on the re-marriage of a divorced person. When it is the bride's first marriage and the groom's second, generally everything remains traditional. The wedding may be as formal and religious as you like, depending on your particular religious affiliation. Traditionally, when it's the bride's second marriage, a semiformal or informal wedding is chosen rather than a large, very formal wedding.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Get Help From Professionals

Some advice for Las Vegas wedding planning is to get some help! When you are planning any destination wedding, but especially on in Las Vegas, you have many resources at your disposal. Not only are there tons of Las Vegas wedding websites, you can also find terrific guidebooks that can help you plan. There are so many options that it can become overwhelming.

Don't be afraid to turn to a travel agency to get advice for your Las Vegas wedding. Choose a travel agency that specializes in Las Vegas trips with local and personalized service. You want to be able to count on a specific person and not an answering service. This agent can coordinate any guests that you have and any trip amenities. You can also do this yourself via the internet, but sometimes its best to go with a full service package.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Changing Your Name

No matter where you get married, if you decide to change or hyphenate your last name, you will need to notify several companies and organizations. These include any credit card companies, banks, the Social Security Administration, your employer, the Department of Transportation, insurance companies, car and voter registration departments, property title holders, clubs, and the post office for a new name address. Most companies or organizations, such as the Social Security Administration and the Department of Transportation, will require to see your marriage license or your new Social Security card. Be sure to contact each organization to find out exactly what they require as proof of identification before going to apply for a new card.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Keep Good Financial Records

When planning a Las Vegas wedding, it is important to keep good financial records in order to ensure that you stay within your budget. These records should include all vendor's name, phone numbers, addresses, the total amounts due, the deposits paid, and the remaining balances. It is also helpful to keep track of when payments are made and when the final balance is due. In addition, be sure to keep track of exactly what you order, including everything from the bridal party's attire or the flowers for the ceremony. When ordering any wedding party's attire, be sure to write down the cost, designer name, style, color, and sizes ordered.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Do You Need A Wedding Planner?

Just because you saw the movie The Wedding Planner, doesn't mean your wedding must have one also. Many Las Vegas weddings happen without a problem without the help of a wedding planner because the bride and grooms enlists the help of the wedding site coordinator and / or the reception site coordinator. These men and women are there assisting with weddings every month – sometimes 100 weddings a month. You won't go wrong asking them questions about planning your wedding in Las Vegas.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Buying Rings

When choosing the rings together, it is recommended that you do not buy in a hurry. The rings are meant to be worn a lifetime and should reflect your personal taste and style. The more knowledge you have about the quality of a diamond, or other gems, the better chance you have of getting the best quality for your money. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable jeweler. A good jeweler will work with you to select a ring within your budget and to your liking. If you don't find the ring you want after shopping around, ask jewelers about a custom design.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Choosing A Wedding Catering Service

Here is some advice on Las Vegas wedding planning: There's a wide variety in Las Vegas wedding catering services, both in types of food offered and services supplied.

Some companies supply meals only, while others include table set-up, servers and cleanup, decorating, flowers, and liquor. Your event location may also handle catering. In general, if they do catering, you may not be able to contract a catererseparately and may be required to use the facility's service. If the event or reception location you've chosen doesn't handle catering, or allows outside caterers, they'll probably have suggestions for caterers who are familiar with their facility. When starting to shop around, ask for referrals from friends and family. Check credentials through the Better Business Bureau and other sources.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Responsibilities of The Couple

Your major responsibility at your Las Vegas wedding reception is to enjoy yourselves. Make sure you take time to speak with everyone at your reception, but let your parents, or your maid of honor and best man play host and deal with problems. If you've chosen good service providers, no one should have to do much else at the actual event. Remember, althougg it's fine to have a friend or relative assist with tasks like cutting the cake, or taking photos. Just try not to saddle any one person with too much work, so they'll have time to enjoy the party, too.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Who hosts a Shower?

Traditionally, showers are given by the wedding attendants, but friends and relatives often host these events. The purpose of a bridal shower is to have an opportunity for friends and family to gather and give gifts to the prospective bride and groom. The type of shower given will designate the type of gifts to be brought. If you decide to host a shower, make sure that you first speak with the bride. She can help you with the party by supplying a list of guests. You will also need her input to decide on a convenient date and the theme for the shower. And it is customary to provide refreshments which can be minimal or extravagant depending on the party.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Party Favors

When planning your Las Vegas wedding you may want to leave party favors on the table. The party favor is your way to thank the guests for attending and it should be an item that can encapsulate your big day. What would be better than an Elvis Figure and the bride and groom's name on it? An inexpensive but great way to capture your day is to make CDs with your favorite songs. Las Vegas has some of the greatest music the world has to offer so don't be afraid to take some of the greats from that area.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Watch Movies=Get Ideas

Invite your bridesmaids over for a night (or weekend) of wedding planning fun. Bring the notepads and nachos and pull creative ideas for your Las Vegas wedding from these wedding themed movies. Whether you are planning a big family wedding like My Big Fat Greek Wedding or an intimate wedding like Runaway Bride, these weddings are sure to inspire. Fun and productive all in one evening!

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Finding a Wedding Planner

It is difficult to find either a Las Vegas hotel or Las Vegas wedding chapel that does not offer a wedding planner to assist you with your special day. It's important to ask how the wedding coordinator will be able to help you with your planning. The wedding coordinator is also a great resource to answer your questions about wedding traditions and who is expected to pay for what.

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