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Advice on Celebrity Impersonating Weddings Tips

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Who are celebrity impersonators for Las Vegas weddings

Dean Martin Impersonator

Russ Loniello is Las Vegas' most popular Dean Martin impersonator. Russ Sings a variety of Dino's greatest hits, bringing back the memories, the music and the style that made Dean Martin an international superstar. Choose him for your Las Vegas wedding entertainment and Russ will give you the Dean Martin that you have always known. Don't count the entire rat pack out either. If you hire Dean Martin with a Sammy Davis Jr. and a Frank Sinatra, you can make your Las Vegas wedding a classic hit.

Who are celebrity impersonators for Las Vegas weddings

Have A Celebrity Impersonator Attend Your Wedding

What could be better than getting married with a celebrity, dead or alive, watching over your Las Vegas wedding ceremony? Rather than having a theme wedding, just add a touch of the celebrity impersonation wedding to your special day by hiring one to attend! A Special Memory Wedding Chapel offers you and your spouse-to-be this once in a lifetime opportunity. Choose to be married while Elvis, Elvira, Marilyn Monroe, or Tom Jones watches. Even recent stars are getting in the action like Austin Powers. If you want a star to be more directly involved with you special day you can choose to have them sing, act, or in some cases even officiate over the wedding ceremony.

Who are celebrity impersonators for Las Vegas weddings

A Gambling Theme

More advice on celebrity impersonating weddings includes the suggestion of a themed wedding. It has been said that life is a gamble and many believe marriage is a gamble as well! For this reason, the MoteLago Village resort offers you the chance to be dealt a fair hand from celebrity impersonators at your Las Vegas Wedding. Imagine a wedding actually inside the casino area. The MonteLago will allow you to rent your favorite table game area and provide you and your wedding guests the chance to gable with celebrity impersonators.

Who are celebrity impersonators for Las Vegas weddings

An Elvis Wedding

Need advice on celebrity impersonating weddings? Check out the Elvis Wedding Chapel - it is a full service wedding chapel facility and offers a little bit of everything. Most packages include the ability to broadcast your wedding over the Internet live. All themes include the chapel fee (except Love in the Limo, which requires no chapel). Many include a video of ceremony and basic flower and photo packages. Courtesy limo service to and from the chapel is also included -- but the driver must be tipped! Additional characters for each themed wedding are available at $150.00 each. Impersonators for example Marilyn Monroe, Cher or Donna Summers, etc. (pending availability) is $250.00.

Who are celebrity impersonators for Las Vegas weddings

Eddie Powers

Eddie Powers claims to be the #1 Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas. His portfolio includes acting in all of the major strip hotels as well as the House of Blues Club and Circus Circus. His list continues with his appearances in The Tonight Show, Golden Girls, MTV and many more world-famous names. If you decide to hire Eddie (Elvis) for your Las Vegas wedding you have the option of having him arrive in the famous 1956 Pink Cadillac. Eddie Powers will even make an appearance to sing your favorite Elvis love song.

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