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wedding dress for under $150.00

Inexpensive Wedding Dresses in Las Vegas

People tend to get married in Las Vegas for a number of reasons, but two very important ones seem to be the speed and relative inexpensiveness of getting married there. For this reason, you might not want to spend $1000 on a dress (or have time to get one).

Las Vegas has many different options for a bride looking for a cheaper wedding dress, even one under $150. Many chapels can refer you to stores that will rent you a wedding gown for your service. You can also search the Las Vegas area for consignment and thrift stores - often these places will sell used wedding dresses for cheap.

A third option is to buy a nice dress that might not be labeled a "wedding dress" but can do the job. There are many stores and malls in Las Vegas (like the Fashion Show Mall on the Strip) that sell different prices of dresses.

iwanna ask whats the requirements if a tourist woman and an american citizen wanna get married in vegas?

Marriage in Las Vegas for Non-Citizens

Generally, the process for getting married in Las Vegas if you're not from the US is the same as if you are a citizen. You need to provide ID at the marriage license office and apply for your license. Neither person has to be a US citizen.

Upon returning to your home country, you will find that most governments recognize foreign weddings as if they were performed in their country. Check with your government to make sure it will be legal before getting married in Vegas.

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