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Las Vegas Wedding Theme Tips

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Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Costumes For Your Wedding Day

Looking for Las Vegas wedding theme tips? If you choose a Las Vegas wedding chapel or a hotel chapel, your wedding theme may be predetermined. It's fair to say that you may have a different theme in mind - so why not find a way to go with your own theme? Indulge in your romantic Shakespearean themed wedding or your twenties flapper wedding! Choose a fun Las Vegas wedding theme! Big Daddy Costume Shop will step in to help you with those fun dress-up weddings that are unforgettable. You should also remember that there are several Las Vegas themed wedding options that will embrace your theme and help you create the wedding that you want!

How can I have a unique Las Vegas wedding?

Unique Las Vegas Weddings

For those who appreciate a good laugh or something very unique, Las Vegas weddings can be a lot of fun. Weddings in Las Vegas can be done in a helicopter, in a car at a drive in or by an Elvis Impersonator. Plan your Las Vegas wedding carefully. Weddings in Las Vegas can be very elegant or very tacky.

How can I plan theme weddings in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Theme Weddings

Those renewing marriage vows or getting married for the second, third (or more) time who don't want the formally of a big church find Las Vegas an ideal place to get married. Not only can the cost be very low (a few hundred dollars or less) but where else can you get married in a helicopter, in a car at a drive in or by an Elvis Impersonator so quickly and easily. In spite of how easy they are to arrange, theme weddings in Las Vegas should be carefully planned.

Can I have a Las Vegas Catholic wedding?

Catholic Las Vegas Weddings

Interested in having a Las Vegas Catholic wedding officiated by an ordained priest? Check online or email Father David St. John directly at You can have your Catholic Las Vegas weddings performed in several locations.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Vegas On Valentine's Day

Get married in Vegas but during a holiday. How about a Valentine's Day Las Vegas Wedding? At Viva Las Vegas weddings, your wedding can include cascade bouquet, boutonniere, 24 poses & proofs, video, unity candle, champagne glasses, music, souvenir wedding scroll, candlelight ceremony, wedding coordinator, soloist, chapel fee, and courtesy limousine service to and from the wedding chapel. Plus you get a Free Internet Archive of your wedding. Book early, Valentine's Day and New Years Eve are very popular for Las Vegas weddings.

How can I have a cheap Las Vegas wedding?

Cheap Las Vegas Weddings

While the average US wedding costs $22,000, you can have a complete Las Vegas wedding for a few hundred dollars (or less). Lower cost weddings aren't any less valid, of course, but care should be taken that you arrange the wedding that is right for you. Plan wisely because weddings in Las Vegas can be very tacky.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

The Gothic Wedding Chapel

Envision, if you will, a fog-filled Las Vegas wedding chapel in flickering candlelight. Eerie strains of organ music reverberate as a hauntingly beautiful bride emerges from the mist, draped in Victorian finery. She carries a bouquet of blood red roses, in chilling contrast to her darkly handsome groom. Love eternal rings true for this couple, as it could for you and your dearly beloved. The Grim Reaper welcomes you to join him in the Gothic Wedding Chapel.

Who are celebrity impersonators for Las Vegas weddings

The Star Trek Theme

Here are some fun Las Vegas wedding theme tips to try! The Las Vegas Hilton offers an unusual and fun Las Vegas wedding theme option that is truly out of this world. If you are a Trekkie at heart, the Hilton will give you a Star Trek wedding that your wedding guests will never forget. The Star Trek package comes with one hour on the US Enterprise, on top of all of the traditional wedding services you would expect. Two characters from Star Trek will even attend your wedding! Be surrounded by the theme or participate in it and enjoy your Star Trek Las Vegas wedding!

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