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Las Vegas Wedding Package Tips

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Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

#1 Las Vegas Weddings

Don't look any further for Las Vegas wedding package tips; If you choose to let #1 Las Vegas Weddings plan your wedding, it is guaranteed that you will have access to some of the most creative wedding ideas that Las Vegas has to offer.

How about an Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding? Maybe a wedding by the lake will do the trick. The great thing about most of the Las Vegas wedding packages at #1 Las Vegas Weddings is that most of the packages include CD-ROM videotapes of the special day.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

The Venetian Packages

More Las Vegas wedding package tips: The Venetian Hotel offers many Las Vegas wedding packages with wide ranging prices. The most basic package, the Cerimonia Sul' Aqua package for $750 includes two 5" x 7" photos, a floral bouquet, and a trip on a boat with a minister. The Fortuna package starts at $4,500 and includes a 30 minute reception, a honeymoon suite, a professional photographer, flowers, a wedding photo album, a bride manicure and pedicure and much more. This package is still cheaper than a wedding in most parts of the U.S. but gives the bride and groom the elegance they deserve.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Wedding Dreams

The Wedding Dreams company is unique in that it has direct access to the best of the best in Las Vegas. From entertainers to, Las Vegas wedding photography services, Wedding Dreams will plan your wedding as you want it. Even if you want the wedding tomorrow or next year, it can plan accordingly. Choose from outdoor Las Vegas weddings or chapel weddings.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

The Texas Station

The Texas Station is one of the cheaper alternatives of getting married off of the main strip. Its most basic package starts at $250 and includes a minister, wedding coordinator and the ceremony. The top package, called The Majestic, includes Traditional Ceremony, Minister, Personal Wedding Coordinator, Pianist, Fresh Floral Brides Bouquet, Grooms Boutonniere, Maid of Honor Bouquet, Best Man Boutonniere, Private His & Her Dressing Rooms, Wedding Ceremony Video, $100 Certificate toward, Texas Reception, Photography Package with 12 - 4”x 6” photos, and 8-wallet size photos.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

The Wee Kirk O' the Heather Packages

This unique chapel offers packages that start at $189 and go up to $650. The most basic of wedding packages gives the bride and groom Wedding Ceremony in Historic Las Vegas Chapel, personal wedding consultant, romantic wedding music, lovely "Keep Forever" silk 3-rose' presentation, matching boutonniere, professional photography session, 24 Beautiful photos taken and a wedding scroll.

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