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Las Vegas Hotel Wedding Tips

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Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

A Gondola Wedding Experience

Are you one of those romantic people who has always imagined being married in Italy or having a wonderful romantic evening in the canals of Venice by moonlight? Well, Las Vegas offers an experience for you! Have a Gondola cruise las vegas wedding and live the legend of a kiss under the "Bridge of Love" as you are transported to romantic Italy. Your Gondolier can sing romantic Italian Love songs if you so desire. Your Gondolier can also tell tales of the glorious history of the Gondola. All encompassed within the traditions and rituals of an age gone by and embraced by the present luxuries of Las Vegas. Wedding packages start at $155.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

The Venetian Experience

Perhaps you are looking for the Italian wedding experience without the Gondola? The Venetian is where your dream Las Vegas wedding unites with Italy. The hotel offers a variety of luxuriant wedding packages to make your Las Vegas wedding special and unique. Choose to get married in the beautifully appointed chapel, on their replica of the fanous Bridge of Sighs. You can find the right romantic option to make your heart sing!

Can I have Las Vegas hotel weddings?

Las Vegas Hotel Weddings

At least 17 Las Vegas Strip Hotels can arrange your Las Vegas wedding to be held on site. Get a list of Las Vegas wedding chapels including those associated with Las Vegas hotels that can set up a great wedding. Las Vegas hotel weddings are obviously very convenient.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

A Hot Air Balloon Wedding Experience

If you are looking for Las Vegas hotel wedding tips, and you're an adventurous couple whose not afraid of heights, you may opt for a hot air balloon outdoor las vegas wedding. Packages start at $795 and include a minister, Mini Hors d'oeuvres and a Champagne Reception. The Wedding Dreams hot air balloon company will take you to one of several locations of your choosing. Talk about a story to tell your grandchildren! You will be beginning the happiest days of your lives above the world.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Aladdin Hotel Weddings

Have you considered actually taking a magic carpet ride? If you're interested in Las Vegas hotel wedding tips, we suggest you check out The Aladdin Hotel and Convention Center. This hotel is most famously known for its world class entertainment and shows. However, its wedding packages are just as momentous as the entertainment.

The Aladdin wedding chapel is located in the heart of the hotel and casino and is designed to look of like a sumptuous and romantic Mediterranean villa. This hotel is the perfect place for a small wedding. The largest chapel inside the hotel can accommodate up to 60 guests.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

The Chapel in the Clouds

The Chapel in the Clouds can offer you one of the most unique wedding events in Las Vegas. Located 800 feet in the air, the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas is your chance to have a wedding in the clouds. The Stratosphere Hotel also offers a high-tech approach to your wedding by giving you the chance to post your wedding as a streaming live video for those people in your family that are not able to attend you event.

How can I have the right Las Vegas hotels wedding chapels?

Las Vegas Hotel Weddings and Wedding Chapels

Choosing the right Las Vegas hotel wedding chapels is crucial to arranging the Las Vegas wedding that is right for you. There are dozens of Las Vegas wedding chapels to choose from. Plan carefully because weddings in Las Vegas wedding chapels vary greatly in price and quality.

Where can I get information about weddings at Caesar's Palace?

Weddings at Caesar's Palace

Elegant Las Vegas weddings are the norm at Caesar's Palace. With four Las Vegas wedding chapels, five wedding packages and two honeymoon packages to choose from, Caesar's Palace Las Vegas is an excellent choice when planning weddings in Las Vegas. Go online or call 1-877-279-3334 for more information about setting up Las Vegas weddings at Caesar's Palace.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel

Some couples dream of saying "Oui" instead of "I do." If this is you, look no further than the Paris Las Vegas for your Las Vegas wedding. Whether you say your vows in one of the lovely hotel wedding chapels or at the top of their signature scaled down model of the Eiffel Tower, the Paris Las Vegas is bound to make your wedding in Las Vegas both beautiful and fun. The professional wedding coordinators will help you make the most of all that the hotel has to offer and any of the packages can be personalized to include floral, music, video, or photography options.

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

Bellagio Hotel Weddings

Are you a couple who love to make a splash? Do you like to have and give nothing but the best? Make your wedding in Las Vegas the family event of the decade at the gorgeous Bellagio Hotel. Here, you can choose to hold the ceremony at the South Chapel or the East Chapel. The East Chapel holds up to 30 guests whereas the South Chapel will accommodate up to 130 guests.

There is nothing about the Bellagio Hotel that is not top notch, from the gorgeous Venetian glass in the lobby, to the fabulous restaurants with every kind of gourmet food imaginable. If you have great taste, and the budget to go with it, have your Las Vegas wedding in the most luxuriant and classy surroundings, the Bellagio!

Where in Las Vegas is a good place to get married?

The Luxor Wedding Experience

The Luxor Wedding Chapel offers couples a truly remarkable site to begin your journey together, we're not kidding, where else in the United States do you find a giant glass pyramid? This hotel has a wonderful and over the top Egyptian theme that will make your Las Vegas wedding special and unique. Whether you are having a smaller, more intimate ceremony or big raucous party, the Luxor's chapel combines an elegance and services to make your special day memorable. This full service chapel offers music, photography, videography, and flower arrangements to suit every need.

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