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Las Vegas Weddings Tips

When it comes to Las Vegas Weddings, we've been there, done that, now serving 145 tips in 20 categories ranging from Advice on Celebrity Impersonating Weddings to Las Vegas Wedding Transportation Advice.

wedding dress for under $150.00

Inexpensive Wedding Dresses in Las Vegas

People tend to get married in Las Vegas for a number of reasons, but two very important ones seem to be the speed and relative inexpensiveness of getting married there. For this reason, you might not want to spend $1000 on a dress (or have time to get one).

Las Vegas has many different options for a bride looking for a cheaper wedding dress, even one under $150. Many chapels can refer you to stores that will rent you a wedding gown for your service. You can also search the Las Vegas area for consignment and thrift stores - often these places will sell used wedding dresses for cheap.

A third option is to buy a nice dress that might not be labeled a "wedding dress" but can do the job. There are many stores and malls in Las Vegas (like the Fashion Show Mall on the Strip) that sell different prices of dresses.

iwanna ask whats the requirements if a tourist woman and an american citizen wanna get married in vegas?

Marriage in Las Vegas for Non-Citizens

Generally, the process for getting married in Las Vegas if you're not from the US is the same as if you are a citizen. You need to provide ID at the marriage license office and apply for your license. Neither person has to be a US citizen.

Upon returning to your home country, you will find that most governments recognize foreign weddings as if they were performed in their country. Check with your government to make sure it will be legal before getting married in Vegas.

Is there a weblink during our wedding service so that people in the UK will be able to watch the service live? Our wedding is the Elvis Springtime Special, booked for July 26, 2005. Thank you Randy Nichol

Do Chapels Offer Live Webcam Ceremonies?

Many wedding chapels in Las Vegas offer live wedding ceremony feed through the Internet. Many wedding chapels also offer Elvis packages.

If the chapel is chosen, reserved, and basically written in stone you will need to contact the wedding chapel directly to confirm if the service is offered.

If having a live feed to your ceremony over the Internet is important to you, most chapels nowadays offer this service so you should not have a problem finding one that offers everything you are looking for.

Hello, I am trying to plan a wedding with roughly 85 guests. I was thinking about renting a large penthouse for the reception. What types of things should I be aware of if doing this? I was thinking I could save a lot of money by providing the alcohol and food myself. Would this even be aloud? T

A Penthouse Reception in Las Vegas

Almost every hotel on the Las Vegas strip offers penthouse and grand suite accommodations. Food drinks, and any other catering can be provided by you however noise restrictions and particular rules in regards to the capacity limits will differ from hotel, to hotel.

It's best to contact different hotels and discuss what accommodations you are looking for to see what each one has to offer.

Chances are you will find a huge range of options, finding one to fit your needs perfectly.

I want to go to a drive in chapel and get married. hopefully in a 50s or 60s car - maybe with an elvis impersonator. Is that all possible ??

Las Vegas Wedding Possibilities

Thanks to the wonders of Las Vegas, anything is possible when getting married. From Star Trek themed weddings to drive through weddings using a 50s or 60s car, you can find a place that offers almost anything you may consider to be your dream wedding. And yes, Elvis impersonators are everywhere!

Can I apply for my las vegas license online before I come to Las Vegas?

Applying for a Las Vegas Marriage License

It is not possible to apply for your Las Vegas marriage license online. It must be done in person at the Marriage License Bureau in person. However, the process takes only minutes, and the marriage license is obtained on the spot.

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