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Video-Taping Your Wedding

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Video-Taping Your Wedding

Nothing captures the experience of your wedding day quite like moving images. The audio, too, can have a powerful effect, as you hear your wedding vows spoken, or toasts given by friends. But all this drama doesn't come cheap: the average Las Vegas wedding video runs $850, though prices can vary widely. Raw footage that simply covers the events should be the least expensive option. Next are videos edited 'in-camera,' meaning the video person turns off the camera during any lulls, and tapes over unneeded footage. With the post-edited video, the tape is edited to leave the best material; titles, music or special effects may be added. Most videographers offer packages with a time limit, say three to five hours. Beyond that, you pay a per-hour fee. Check with your Las Vegas venue to make sure your videographer is approved by that facility.



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